Construction Services

General Construction

JonesGroup specializes in working with the commercial construction industry. We pay attention to detail, preserve what you want to keep, and reconstruct what you want to change.  We currently hold a subcontractor’s license in general construction.

Interior Finishing

JonesGroup performs Division 9 interior finishing work with several contractors around central Alabama. We work with some of America’s largest construction firms.

Exterior Finishing

We install EIFS and other exterior finishes to meet the desired look for your buildings and facilities.


We specialize in the demolition of commercial buildings, including the removal of mechanical systems and metal framing.  

Utility Services

Underground Waterlines

JonesGroup installs, repairs, replaces, and maintains underground water lines and piping.

Electric Utility

JonesGroup installs underground and electrical conduit for power lines and other electrical projects.

Our company holds a General Contractors license in underground piping.

Security Services

Security and Safety Assessments; Training

Assessments & Training. JonesGroup provides security and safety assessments and training services through our hallmark Assessment and Customized Training (“ACT”) program, which is aligned with federal, state and local mandates and policies. Our trainers have over 125 years of combined field experience and hold multiple security certifications including NIMS, APOST, ICS, and OSHA. We prepare critical personnel to work with first responders, their stakeholders, and the public. 

Security Services. JonesGroup offers security services for businesses and events, large and small. Our company principals are trained in intelligence and law enforcement and we know how to stand up security operations.